Jannat House
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Social, ecological and economical vision 

Sustainability is a key element in our view on tourism. Our restaurant offers locally sourced products grown organically whenever available. Excursions and events all aim to bring you closer to the people of Lamu, their culture, and the natural environment of the island and its surroundings. We want the development of Lamu to go hand in hand with the preservation of its natural environment.

Our closeness to the people of Lamu will introduce you to a rich culture and contribute to positive interactions and understanding between different cultures. We provide employment around the year to a number of local people, whether it is high touristic season or low. We have a number of activities and excursions with local partners which you will enjoy.

Extended engagement in care, and development

Since Hans came to Lamu three decades ago, he and Jannat House has engaged in a number of charitable activities, NGO's and thelike. These activities continue to date. You are most welcome to contribute if you like, but remember that this is completly up to you, we do not impose anything on you, and we have full acceptance for various opinions about these thing. Contact us if you want to know more!